Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Game Guessing Game

This year is a going to a great year to be a Nintendo fan. Granted, every year is a great year to be a Nintendo fan. In any case, this year, we have a lot of new games and a great new system being released.
President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata recently said that he expects the Wii U to launch before the Christmas season (likely mid-November-ish). That means we’ll get some great new games for the Wii U, in addition to some awesome 3DS games.

Of course, it’s always fun to speculate on what new games are on the horizon. So here are some thoughts on what could possibly (sometimes very remotely possibly) be coming to a Nintendo near you this year (and maybe later):
Wii U
  • New Super Mario Bros. Mii – Revealed at E3, this Mario side-scroller lets you play as your Mii, which is a nice touch. Here’s hoping Toad is not removed as a playable character.
  • Pikmin 3 – While not officially talked about much, this is a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new system. It’s been years since it was announced, and this could be the perfect icebreaker for millions of fans.
  • F-Zero – It has been far too long since the last console F-Zero game (almost nine years since GX). Just think how great it would be to race at over 1,000 Km per hour with the Wii U’s hi-res graphics (rumored to be twice as powerful as the XBox 360). Recent studies have shown that a new F-Zero will sell approximately 39 billion consoles. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Excitebike – If Nintendo makes an Excite game along the lines of Excitebike 64, I will bite my elbows with joy.
  • Skylanders-type game – The Wii U’s tablet controller will feature Near Field Communication technology, the same technology used in the new Spyro Skylanders game. Just think how great it would be to have little Mario or Zelda figurines which can be transported into the game. Fun stuff!
  • Party games – It would be so easy to do Pictionary or other similar games with the tablet controller. Just sayin’.
  • Drawn to Life – Being able to use an actual stylus to draw your own characters and enemies would make a new Drawn to Life a perfect fit for Wii U (provided THQ doesn’t go under by then).
  • Paper Mario – While no release date has been announced, this game is already far into development and could be released this year. If not, I will cry a little bit. Maybe pee my pants a little, too. I will do the same when I play the game and experience its wholesome joy.
  • Animal Crossing – Who knew pulling weeds and planting trees would be so darn addictive? This game may be released this year as well, which means our Wii towns will be abandoned for new uncharted territories. And that’s ok.
  • F-Zero – Even more recent studies have shown that a new 3D F-Zero could sell up to 54 trillion 3DS units. Nintendo would be stupid not to make this. You hear me, Nintendo? STUPIIIIID!! SOOOOOO STUPIIIIID!!
  • Okami 3 – Everyone loves Okami, right? The touch screen is a great fit for Okamiden and the addition of 3D graphics would make a third installment a potentially great addition to the 3DS’s already great lineup.
  • Trauma Center – Stitching your name into peoples’ guts is fun, but just think how fun it would be if you could do it in 3D!!!
  • The Conduit – This series has been quite fun on the Wii, and I’ve received word from High Voltage Software directly (for real!) that they have the Quantum3 Engine running on the 3DS, so this is a distinct possibility. Here’s hoping!
Got some other ideas for games that would be fun on either of these systems? Let us know in the comments!

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Rachel said...

Hehe, love your F-zero statistics. Hopefully Nintendo will get going on one of those :) All of the games you listed sound great. Looking forward to the new AC :)