Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sufferin' Succotash

The Looney Tunes are a force to be reckoned with. They've been around for decades, they adorn everything from lunchboxes to briefs, and their mere presence sells millions. So what happens when a great sport gets mixed with a great franchise?

Looney Tunes B-Ball is a SNES game by Sunsoft. It stars Bugs Bunny and other major Looney Tunes characters as they play the great american sport of Basketball. At first glance, it's kind of like NBA Jam. Everything is 2-on-2, there are special moves, and (most importantly) you can beat each other up. But after you play it for a short while, you realize it's much better than NBA Jam.

First of all, the game employs various items. Items cost money, but conveniently placed gems appear randomly on the court, letting you earn up money to use your items. Some of the less expensive ones include a cream pie, which stuns your opponent, and a time bomb, which you can pass to the other team. One of the expensive items in Vegas, which turns the scoreboard into a slot machine. If you make your next shot, the slots stop, and if you're lucky you can get 2x, 3x, or even 5x what the basket would have been worth by itself. Awesome.

But the action doesn't stop there. The game lets you enter cheat codes mid-game. So you can do funny things like cause an earthquake, reduce gravity, or extend the game clock. You can even morph into any character you want, causing some seriously crazy scenarios. Plus, to help you figure out what the codes are, the game has a Code Hunt, which lets you push buttons and find out the codes you want to know. Incredible.

If you thought the fun stopped there, you're dumb and wrong. Looney Tunes B-Ball is one of the few SNES games to use the multi-tap, which lets four players play at the same time. This can also make for some extremely fun times. On one memorable occasion, my brother and I played against my other brother and my cousin. Since we knew all the codes, it was a good win. The other team was rated PG-13 for language that night. Hilarious.

In short, the game is amazing. It's one of those games that's fun by yourself, fun with friends, and never loses its savor. If I was stranded on an island and I could pick 5 games, Looney Tunes B-Ball would be one of them. It's hard to find, but if you can get your hands on it, it's totally worth the time, money, and effort. I mean honestly, what other game lets you slap Taz in the face and get away with it?

  • Well drawn, well designed gameplay and design
  • Faithful to the Looney Tunes spirit
  • Endless replay value
  • Bugs and Taz get annoying sometimes
  • That's about it
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Never Knew the Wind Slept

Before I begin, let me inform you all that progress in my 108 in 2008 goal is coming quite well. I spent some time recently playing through some NES games, which fortunately for me, takes very little time. Like... 10 minutes in some cases. In any case, I am on track to reach my goal, and quite a few reviews will be on their way this week (with any luck). Now, on with the post!

So, with a video game collection as large as mine (which is almost assuredly larger than yours), every once in a while, a game gets put on the shelf, and for a number of reasons, stays there for long periods of time, even while nearby games get played. Such is the case with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. I got it for Christmas (thanks, self!) in 2005. And it sat there for nearly 3 years without being played. And it wasn't because I didn't want to play it, becuase I certainly did. It's just that it's hard to fit in the bigger games likes Zelda and RPGs and the like.

But despite the lengthy absence from my "beaten" list, the Wind Waker is a fantastic game and testament to the awesome game designing powers of Nintendo. It is groundbreaking in that it introduces a new design to the Zelda series. Instead of becoming increasingly lifelike, the characters took on a cel-shaded look, which basically means it looks like a cartoon. When it was first revealed, even some hardcore Zelda fans became disenchanted, because it was so different. But it only took a few minutes of playing the game to realize it was still a Zelda game. It's a definitely more light-hearted than many Zelda games, but that's not a bad thing.

The story follows Link (no, really?) on his home of Outset Island. He wakes up on his birthday and dons the clothing of the great hero, a tradition for young boys since the great hero in green saved Hyrule ages before. When Link's sister Aryll is kidnapped, he tags along with some pirates to save his sister.

Much of the game is spent traversing islands in a small boat. The size of world is simply amazing. There are many islands, each with unique traits and designs. Of course, some of these islands are dungeons, which house new items and powers. Many classic Zelda items such as the boomerang and bow and arrow return. There are also a few new items, unique to this game.

Other than the fact that it's on the ocean, the game seems to follow in the same steps as its predecessors. As I played it, I noticed it had a lot of the same elements as Twilight Princess. (Twilight Princess came out after Wind Waker, I know. But I played it first.) Some of the tougher enemies are the same, which was helpful since I knew how to beat them already.

All in all, the game is amazing. There are so many sidequests and small missions to complete, it's a wonder they fit everything on one small disc. As far as difficulty, I would say it's a little harder than Twilight Princess, but it's not frustratingly difficult like Metroid (thank goodness). I would recommend not only to Zelda fans, but also to anyone wanting to enjoy classic Zelda fun with a cool new look.

  • Classic Zelda gameplay with a sweet new design
  • Excellent story, fantastic adventure, huge variety of quests
  • As always, extremely well designed
  • If you get lost, you can REALLY get lost
  • Some enemies are just plain annoying
  • That's about it
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Foist Impweshuns

Good day to you, biased fans! Today is Thursday, and that means it's one day from the weekend! Yahoo! So... what are you going to be playing this weekend?

I thought I'd blog about some of the awesome new games I got for my birthday. First off, I shall share with you the awesomeness that is N+. If you haven't played it, go here and play it. It's awesome, amazing, and awesomazing. The physics are great, the challenge is high, and the addiction is severe. Now THAT'S a recipe for a great game. The DS version, surprisingly maintains the same sense of speed and dexterity as the original. I mean, I knew the game would be fun, I just wasn't sure if they could recreate the same sense of fun. But they did! Awesome! Plus, there's like a billion levels, downloadable levels, and a level editor. Endless levels! Incredible!

I also started Bubble Bobble Double Shot. I haven't gotten very far yet. In fact, I haven't beaten the first boss yet. But I'm figuring it out. It's cool, because each of three (yes three, there's a new orange guy, Bubu) dinosaurs is a different color, and with the right item, has a different power. Green in lightning, orange is fire, and blue is water. Awesome! It's pretty hard, but that's ok. Bubble Bobble is a fun game, so a little difficulty here and there is ok with me. I'll have more to report on that one later.

Has anyone reading this ever been on an acid trip? Like, the kind where there's a little gold spaceship, and there's like a billion other spaceships, moving back and forth, and shooting at you. Plus there's a billion swirling colors and crazy stuff. If you have, then that's Space Invaders Extreme to a tee. Which is awesome. Cause I've never been on that kind of an acid trip. Until a few days ago. When I took acid. I kid! This is a family blog*! In any case, the game is a lot of fun! It takes everything great about the original Space Invaders (which was made 30 years ago, believe it or not) and kicks it up about 6 notches.


There ya go. Kicked it up six notches.

In any case, there are many, many, many games to play and I shall report on the likes of them as I complete them. To the truck!


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*Yeah, right!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Birthday Haul!

Greeting, friends! The last five days have been crazy, so don't be whinin' cause you got nothin' to read. Play some games, nag-dabbit! Anyways, here is a list of the games I recieved for my recent congratulations-you're-freakin'-old celebration!

Mega Man 9: The classic Mega Man adventure remade for a modern audience. Genius!

Geometry Wars Galaxies: The arcade-esque title comes to Wii for crazy space shooting madness!

DK Barrel Blast: The once-destined-for-Gamcube racing title. No bongos, but still looks fun!

Custom Robo DS: Buy a robot, make a robot, fight a robot, fix a robot, make new robot!

N+: The awesome ninja skills platformer comes to the DS, complete with intuitive level editor!

Space Invaders Extreme: Space Invaders on Acid would be a more accurate title. Exciting!

Bubble Bobble Double Shot: Bub & Bob welcome newcomer Bubu to the bubble-pooping arcade game!

Contra 4: A return to the classic, with tons of bonus content and games included!

Looney Tunes Cartoon Conductor: Elite Beat Agents with Looney Tunes classic scenes! Amazing!

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood: Sonic RPG! Fight! Go! Win!

Sonic Riders: Rail grinding action with everyone's favorite hedgehog and friends!

Kung Fu: The classic NES title. Hi-YA!

Track and Field II: Complete with box! That never freakin' happens!

Polarium Advance: The awesome DS puzzle reborn in GBA format. Schweet!

As you can see, my collection has grown considerably since last week. And that's ok! I shall spend the next while delving into and beating this slough of games. And with that, I'm leaving!


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Friday, October 17, 2008

Ye Olde Holidaye!

It's my birthday today! And it almost snowed yesterday morning! Plus it snowed last weekend! How awesome is that?! But, despite my fervent prayers, it has all melted. I know it'll be back someday, though. I just knows it...

Either way, the falling of new snow marks the approachment of my favorite holiday: Christmas! I know it's been severely commercialized, but I think that's half the fun. Half the good games come out during the holiday season! But, seeing all these new games makes me wonder why they picked the ones they did instead of something better. So, let's take a look at some games that need to be made, hm?

Chibi-Robo (Wii) - I love Chibi-Robo! It's an fantastic gameplay design that anyone can play. While he is unfortunately undersold, hopefully Chibi-Robo will continue to be released every couple of years. They are making a Wii-controlled Gamecube version soon, so the liklihood of this isn't too high, but I think we'll see it before the Wii moves along. Either way, it would make a great addition to the already great lineup of Wii titles. I can just hear the robot sounds coming out of the little speaker on the Wiimote. Awesome!

Paper Mario (DS) - I think it's only a matter of time before this one comes out. Paper Mario takes the good parts of RPGs and adds them to the good parts of adventure games, which creates an extremely rewarding and supremely entertaining combination. I hope they go back to regular-style Paper Mario instead of mostly platforming. While Super Paper Mario was very fun, it lacked a certain something-something. Just think of it. You could be battling, and you could use the touch screen to do action commands and pick items to use. It makes perfect sense! Again, I think this one will come out eventually, but I wish it was coming out sooner.

F-Zero (DS and Wii) - F-Zero is easily one of my favorite franchises. It's not your regular racing game. Not only is it much faster, but there's a lot of strategy involved. After the first lap, you can use your ship's energy to give yourself a boost, but if you use too much, you may hit an opponent and explode. Plus, you get rewarded for knocking other people off of the track. Great fun! But the last one came out nearly 5 years ago. This is simply unacceptable. Much crappier games have seen much qiucker releases. Even epic games like Mario and Zelda see more releases than F-Zero. But it makes so much sense to make new ones! The unique controls of the DS and Wii could open up some seriously incredible possibilities. Come on, Nintendo! Make it happen!

Just seeing that picture on the right makes me want to wet myself. So warm...

Mario DDR 2 (Wii) - One of my favorite gamecube games needs a sequel, dangit! Even if they just had the game and no dance pad, I'd still get it! (Because I already have a dance pad). Oh, and this time, I hope they make more than like 1,000 of the total, so you know, everyone that wants one can get one. That'd be nice. Or, maybe they could change it up a little and do a Nintendo DDR, with songs from Zelda, Pokemon, and Donkey Kong. That'd be great. Something tells me we won't see this anytime soon, but it's ok to wish. Dangit.

Kirby (Wii) - It's been years now, but Nintendo released a video showing a Kirby game for the gamecube, which appeared to be the sequel (or successor) to Kirby 64. I love Kirby 64! But then it just kind of vanished. Then later on, there was a rumor that they were going to release the game on Wii instead. Awesome! But again, it has faded away. Nintendo, I just have one question: Where the crap is my Kirby Wii?!?! Kirby 64 is, in my humble yet indisputable opinion, the greatest video game ever made. Why then, would you not make a sequel? Honestly! But I'm not bitter or anything...

Click here to see the Kirby trailer released 3 freakin' years ago.

So, there you have it. Some games that make perfect sense, but ones you may never see. Have any other idea about what Nintendo (or others) should make? Let us know!


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Burfday Leest

Hooray for me! I'm getting old and gray! And to celebrate, my friends are family are going to reward me with all manner of gifts, cakes, and witty jabs and clever put-downs. So, to celebrate my fastly approaching prostate problems, I have compiled a short list of games from way-back yonder, before the dawn of motion controls and touch screens.

Quite obviously, the first game I remember playing is Super Mario Bros. for the good ol' NES. Never since (and likely never again) has a game sold over 40 million copies. Unreal. But there's a reason for its glory. Atari was starting go downhill, and people began to think that video games were just a fad. And they nearly were. Until Nintendo stepped onto the scene. Nintendo's innovative style, mixed with inspired game designers such as Shigeru Miyamoto, took the entire world by storm. And Super Mario Bros. was the flagship that ushered in said storm. I can still remember my older's brother voice screaming "We got Nintendo" on Christmas morning, as my younger brother smiled, but had no idea what was happening. A glorious day indeed.

The next great game I remember was Ducktales for NES. I got it for my birthday one year, and I loved it (and still do). It was a great game based on my favorite TV Show at the time. But Ducktales isn't just cool because it's based on a cartoon. It's cool because it's well made. The level designs are well done, but not hard figure out. The controls and tight and intuitive, and the music and sounds are nicely orchestrated. It's a gem of a game.

Unfortunately for me, things went a little downhill from there. My Mom told me to pick a game from (I think) the Sears catalog. After browsing the titles, I decided that Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was the one for me. After playing for several minutes, I was a little discouraged. Even today, I can't get much further than a couple of minutes in. I mean, seriously, when the entire world is out to kill you and the only weapon you have is a walking stick that only kills bees. Bees?! Seriously?! Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was one of the worst-designed games of the NES era. More recently though, bigger travesties such as Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball and Halo 2 have made the game shine ever-so-slightly brighter. Kinda like how chocolate makes a caesar salad taste a little better.

The next game I owned was actually from a trade I made with a friend. He had Tetris, and I had Ducktales. I had played Ducktales hundreds of times (literally) and was ready for some new game fun. So we traded games. Tetris is a lot of fun. It's not Ducktales fun, but it's pretty fun. But after a few years, I felt myself longing for the sweet sound of hitting monkeys with rocks and cane-stomping giant rats. So, we traded the games back. Actually, now that I think about it, I somehow ended up with both games. Weird. Oh well. I'm not complaining.

Anyways, I think that's probably enough rambling and brambling for today. I shall now go and eat the miniature loaf of banana bread that my wife made for me. The secret ingredient is love!


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Man that is Mega

With recent completion of Megaman Battle Network 5, plus the slightly-less-recent Megaman available on WiiWare, I thought now would be a good time to briefly explore some of the changes between the different Megaman games and series.

Most people know Megaman started out on the NES. But few people know that it almost didn't go much further past there. According to some sources, Megaman 2 was actually made by the original Megaman team in their spare time, because the company didn't want to make one. Then, when the company saw how good it was, they published it and the rest is history. Phew! That was a close one.

Most people say that Megaman 2 is the best of the NES series, but I would have to disagree. Megaman 3 has everything great about Megaman 2, plus cooler bosses. And, you can power slide. Hooray! Megaman 2 is good, but 3 is better. And I'm always right.

Anyways, the next 3 Megaman games continued in the same style and tradition as the first 3. Then, Megaman 7 was made for the Super Nintendo. It had significantly better graphics, but the controls were very different. Not bad, just different. Plus, the end boss was the hardest of the original 8 end bosses. What a pain. Then, Megaman 8 was made for the (stupid) Playstation, complete with anime cutscenes.

Then, the series started to branch out. Capcom started the Megaman X series, which had a much "cooler and fresher" Megaman design. Also, they decided the games weren't hard enough and bumped them up a notch. Dang. Tough stuff. While I haven't played much of the Megaman X series, I do know they are fun games. And hard games. Often, those two adjectives can't be used on the same game.

When the GBA came out and started breaking sales records everywhere in the universe, Capcom started the venerable Megaman Battle Network series. It was pretty much the first Megaman RPG, and the graphics, sound, story, and battle system were nearly flawless in every way. Little has changed since the first one, but it has been a popular franchise worldwide. Now, the Battle Network series has transformed into the Megaman Starforce series. It's almost the same thing, but it's for the DS, and the graphics are 3-D, plus a few other additions.

Other games from the Megaman world include Megaman 64 (a 3-D platformer), Megaman Battle Chip Challenge (a tournament battle game, and spin-off of Battle Network), Marvel vs. Capcom (a fantastic fighting game), and the odd Megaman Racing (arcade). It is estimated that there are over 120 Megaman games total. That's more than Street Fighter and Resident Evil combined (also Capcom franchises). Not bad for little blue guy with one arm and a light gun.


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Super Turbo Megaman Wartime Battle Internet Wireless Network Combo No. 5 Doubling of the Teams Dual Screen Video Game Survival Device Time Game

Let it be known that I, benjamines, have conquered the 5th chapter of the Megaman Battle Network series. And, I beat it in a record 16 hours and 56 minutes. In comparison, the others took me close to 30 hours for each one.

Ok, ok. So I used an Action Replay (cheating device). But think about it. If I wouldn't have used it, this game would have easily taken me more like 35-40 hours. Given my recent undertaking of beating 108 games in a single year, I can hardly spend that much time playing 1 game (though I must admit, there have been a couple of toilet sessions that have come close to that).

Potty humor aside, Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS (yes, that's its actual title), is a decent game. It combines both of the GBA versions into one, letting you play both (essentially identical with different characters) versions. See, the part I love about the Megaman Battle Network series is the story. While cheesy at times, it's often exciting and fun. The part that starts to get old, however, is the random battles. I can only kill so many mettaurs.

In any case, the story involves Lan (the main character) and Megaman (his internet avatar, so to speak) as they foil the plans of Dr. Regal (Dr. Wily's son). Regal wants to use SoulNet, a method of digitizing human souls, to send the world into a downward spiral of hate and malice. Sounds awesome.

As always, Megaman runs around the digital world and conquers bad guys and beats the crap out of random viruses. Don't expect much of the gameplay to change.

One thing that is new, however, is the Party Battle System. In previous MMBN games, when you beat a boss, you got his battle chip if you beat them fast enough. (For those unfamiliar, a Battle Chip is essentially an attack used in battle). In this version, you can get their chips, plus some of your allies give you their Navi to use in battle. It lets them help you with their special moves.

Additionally, this game has a set of missions called Liberation Missions. You play on a certain map, and conquer squares and make your way to the Boss. Sort of Risk-esque, but not really. It is pretty fun, though.

So, all in all, I think the game is fun. I will say that it is the hardest of the first 5 MMBN games (out of 6). I used the Action Replay to make me invincible, and to be able to kill smaller enemies in 1 hit. Even then, it took me 17 hours to beat. So, I think it's safe to say it would also be the longer MMBN game, if you were to do it without cheating (or Helping, as I like to call it).

In any case, I would say that it's a good game for Battle Network fans, and a decent game for others. If you want to experience the best of the MMBN series, I would definitely recommend the first one. Now THAT was a good game.

Good crap
  • Megaman and Lan (and others) have voices!
  • Classic Megaman Battle Network gameplay
  • A good and exciting storyline
Bad crap
  • Megaman and Lan's voices sound like 30-year olds (they're 11 in the game)
  • Same ol' Megaman Battle Network gameplay
  • Too difficult and too lengthy (for me, anyways)

This game has earned a Blatantly Biased:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Herro Fliendry Peopre!

Hahaha! Look at me! Invoking tired and offensive stereotypes! LOL!

Just kidding. So... I have decided that it's fairly hard to really appreciate some games until you've seen them in action. So I've decided to show some videos of some of the recent releases and upcoming games.

First, here is the sweet video of the upcoming Punch-Out!! for Wii.

Isn't that just awesome? I love the Rocky-flavored theme music. Adrian!

Next we have Kirby Super Star Ultra. This should give you a feel of some of the gameplay modes and cutscenes.

Simply amazing. Thirdly, let's look at the exciting Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii, coming next month!

Coming up next, check out this video showing some of the details and games for the new DSi. It's in Japanese, but you should be able to get the gist of it.

Finally, have a look at this video, showing some of the new upcoming Wii games. The quality is a little on the crappy side, but it's annotated, so you can tell what the games are called.

Well, there ya go! Enjoy the videos and more importantly, buy and enjoy these games when they come out! Hoo-hah!


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Monday, October 6, 2008

Slough of New

Hello all! This last week was chock-full of great new gaming news! There's like a billion games coming out soon! Like, seriously! A billion!

First of all, Nintendo has announced a new Play on Wii series. They take classic Gamecube games, add Wii motion controls, and poof! Instant awesome! The first to be released will be the original Pikmin. Other titles will includes Pikmin 2, Metroid Prime 1 & 2, DK Jungle Beat, and Chibi-Robo. They all sound awesome. But I'm not so sure about DK Jungle Beat. I mean, it's a great game, but you just need the bongos to make it work. It's just not the same without all that tactile feedback. Either way, at least the Pikmin games and Chibi-Robo will finally get the attention they deserve.

Also, Nintendo showed a video with TONS of new games for both the Wii and the DS. Some of the Wii games include Punch-Out!, a remake of the NES Classic with cel-shaded (cartoony 3-D) graphics and motion controls, and the sequel to the fantastic DS title Trace Memory. It was one of my first DS games, but also one of my favorites.

The new DS games coming out are also awesome. They include a new WarioWare (you can't get enough of those), a new Mario & Luigi RPG, and a crazy-cool looking 3-D Picross. Also coming up is the Phoenix Wright spinoff starring his best friend/arch nemesis-in-court Miles Edgeworth. Details are sketchy, but it has something to do with running around with Detective Gumshoe and collecting evidence or something. Either way, I call dibs.

Also, there is more news on the DSi. At first, I was a little disappointed since I just got a new DS and it's coming out in less than a month in Japan. But after further review, I have decided it's ok now. First off, it won't be released until well into 2009, so possibly summertime-ish next year. Plus, it doesn't have any better hardware, so it's not an upgrade, just a redesign. The only thing about it I really want is the Virtual Console download thing they'll be doing. But I know that they will probably be releasing Gameboy and Game Gear games for it, the majority of which I either already own, or do not want. So, in short, I am excited for it, but I haven't decided whether I want it on day one or not yet. We shall see.

So there you go. Proof that there are a billion games coming out soon. And don't forget previously announced games like Animal Crossing for Wii and a new Strong Bad episode every month for the rest of the year. Awesome. Just awesome.

Don't forget to vote in the new poll! And by the way, you can vote multiple times if you use a different browser or computer each time. Hoo-hah!


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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dual Screens International?

Hey everybody! What's better than homework?... Everything! What's WAY better than homework?... Blatant Bias!

So Nintendo dropped something of a bombshell last night at their press conference. They have created a new version of the Nintendo DS. They call it... Nintendo DSi. I'm not real sure what the i stands for, but I'm pretty sure it's not 'Icthyioid.' In any case, they have redesigned the DS Lite and added some new features.

As you can see, it looks mostly the same as the DS Lite. The major cosmetic changes are obviously the cameras (yes, there are two), and the SD Card Slot on the side. I'm not real sure why they decided on two cameras, but it's probably so players can take pictures of themselves while holding it, and of others who are in front of it. Interesting indeed.

But far more interesting than the cameras is the SD Card Slot. Nintendo has announced that the new DS will come built-in with a web browser, and a way to download games, similar to the Wii Shop Channel. In fact, with every DSi, Nintendo is giving away 1000 Nintendo Points (previously Wii Points). That's pretty sweet.

The new DSi will be available next month in Japan and early next year everywhere else. It looks cool, and I really like the idea of downloading older games. My only concern is that I just bought my blue DS a month or two ago, so it's a little irritating that they didn't announce this sooner. Thankfully, though, it's not a completely new DS, but a redesign, at least as far as I can tell. My hope is that somehow Nintendo will create a way for regular DS and DS Lite owners to play downloaded games, which would negate my need to get the DSi for a while. At the very least, the technical specs are the same, so the same games can be played on either one. Yeah...

In other news, Nintendo has also announced new major titles on the way, including Punch Out! for Wii, and the re-release of popular Gamecube games, such as Pikmin and others. Rock, rock on!

Anyways, now is the time for me to go and work on my continuing goal of beating 108 games in this, the year 2008. Megaman, Battle Routine, Set!


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