Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Make Stuff, Make Money

Ok, Nintendo, we need to talk.

Please stop making your products so scarce.

Seriously. I get that once in a while, it's hard to predict how much of a product you'll sell. You can't be expected to know the sales potential of everything. But lately, you've been way off. Like, super way off.

This string of poor stock seems to have started with amiibo. Remember how tough it was to get some of those at first? I waited in line for 10 hours to snag Robin and Lucina. The store's total shipment of those figures? Four each. Granted, those issues have largely disappeared, but look how long it took. You could have sold so many figures had they been available.

Sure, it wouldn't seem so bad if amiibo was the only culprit. But it has continued.

You know Pokemon GO? Of course you do. Half the planet plays it. You know that handy wristband that can track movement and catch Pokemon and spin PokeStops? Totally. It's great. But good luck finding one. Even now, four months after release, the Pokemon GO Plus is near-impossible to locate. I guess half the country will have to catch Pokemon the old-fashioned way.

Can't touch thisThen last year, you had this great idea to create a miniature version of the NES, complete with a legit NES controller and built-in games. Plus save states and no need to blow on the cartridge. And it was only $60 to boot! Awesome!

Except, what's this? You sold out of your initial shipment in freaking minutes?! And the extra controllers are literally nowhere to be found? So now, those who wanted to get one for Christmas so they could let their young ones experience the same joy that they did growing up, either had to wait in line for hours or constantly harass stores until they obtained one. Yikes.

I finally got one today, and that was only because of a forum where someone who had access to GameStop inventory reported that many stores were receiving them today. I got the last one. The store's total shipment? Three.

I wonder if you notice the comments from people who are fed up with you, Nintendo. Once-loyal fans are ditching you for other companies who can provide them the products they want with little to no hassle. These people are weak, admittedly, but the point stands. You are losing customers and money by playing it safe.

And unfortunately, you don't seem to be learning very quickly. As proof, try and pre-order the Nintendo Switch. Oh wait. You can't. Because it's sold out. Before it's even available! This amazing new system may only serve to anger more customers. I even tried to pre-order the pro controller online today. Too bad for me, it was gone in 26 minutes.

Yeah, you're probably a little gun shy after the Wii U didn't sell well. But you can't keep putting out these paltry numbers of stock and expect people to wait when they can't get one. People love video games, so if they can't get their hands on yours, they'll go for someone else's. You don't wanna be sloppy seconds, do you?

Listen. I'm not saying this to hurt your feelings. But you need to know what's happening out there. The world is merciless and you need to start fulfilling your potential. I love you, Nintendo. Now go get in bed. You have school in the morning.

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