Wednesday, April 8, 2009

100th post!

Hello all! After several months of playing games and telling you how awesome/crappy they were, I have reached my 100th post. To be honest, I wasn't sure the blog would last this long, but here I am, alive and kicking. Hopefully in the coming weeks and months, I can find some time to write. That way, I can keep you, my readers, informed about the latest and greatest Nintendo has to offer. And I mean that for all three of you.

But do you wanna know the coolest part about this post? I'm writing it on my new DSi. No joke! It may not be the fastest computer I've ever used, but it's by far the funnest.

To us! To Nintendo! To life! Long live Blatant Bias!



Rachel said...

Cheers! Congrats on your 100th post Benny Bear!! I'm glad you've kept Blatant Bias going because it's awesome! :) Hehe, your DSi is so cool! I'm happy you were able to get one. Good luck with your movie presentation today, baby! Happy 100th! I love you! xoxo

Devin said...

¡Que viva Blatant Bias!