Thursday, July 29, 2010

3DS Pricing and Availability

Well, Nintendo released its Quarterly Earnings Report today, and while their sales are down overall from the same time last year (just like everyone else's), they also said they will announce the price and release date of the 3DS on September 29th.

While they did not hint at whether or not the system would be available this year, it still might.  When Nintendo announced the first DS, it was at E3 2004.  They did not say what the price and availability would be at first, but later announced that in September.  The system was then released in November.  Let's hope history repeats itself.

As for the price, one of Nintendo of Europe's bigwigs hinted that they are trying to fit the price within current DS pricing scales.  A DS Lite is $130, a DSi is $170, and the DSi XL is $190.  Hopefully the guy was right, because I would absolutely love to only pay $200 for the 3DS (although let's be honest, I'd pay a lot more).

May the 3DS grace our homes and enrich our lives soon!


Devin said...

Hooray for 3DS! And for pizza!

Rachel said...

Can't wait to hear when it will come out! It's going to be awesome! Wuv yoo, Ben! :)