Thursday, December 11, 2008

Six Slices of Amazing

I love pie. Not just 'cause it tastes good. 'Cause it feels good. You wanna know the only thing that would be more awesome than pie? A pie that had a different flavor for each slice. Wow. I should start on that right away. But I digress.

If there was a pie with six flavors and each flavor represented something awesome, then consider this post that pie. Behold! Six awesome things!

The DS and Wii. Yes, they share a slice. But it is one cool, sweet, minty slice. Like toothpaste, I guess.

Contra 4: You can unlock NES Contra. Ho. Lee. Crap. Awesome.

This guy. He puts cool drawings (some of which are Nintendo-related) on his kids' lunch bags. Schweet.

Homestar Runner. And those Strong Bad games he (co-) stars in. Hopefully Season 2 will be Homestar Runner's Sweet Egg for Bread and Witch's Brew.

The new TMNT fighting game. It's coming out around this time next year. And some of the people that worked on Smash Bros. are working on it. Kewl.

And the most awesome slice of this pie? There's only TWO WEEKS until Christmas. That means two weeks until an all-night party of grape soda, Ritz crackers, and an all-night party of pure Nintendo. It doesn't get much better.

So there ya go. Now I have to go and study. Just 2 days left, just 2 days left, just 2 days left...


Currently Playing: Contra 4, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Polarium Advance


Rachel said...

Woohoo! 2 weeks until Christmas and only 2 days left until you're done with school, I can't wait!!! You're almost done and you've done such a great job keeping up with things this semester. Great job baby! Good luck with your finals today and tomorrow. I know you'll do awesome! We'll have to keep an eye out for that Ninja Turtles game, it sounds fun :) Hehe, your pie idea sounds yummy ;) I love you lots!! xoxo

Devin said...

Oh, man. I am seriously craving some pie. Maybe they could use a bacon crust for a pie instead of just a salad... Mmmm...

Funluvinchick said...

Yay! You're all done with finals by now, but I am still cheering you! I hope you did well. And I don't see why you couldn't have a pie with six different flavor slices. In fact, you could have six pies that all have six different flavor slices. Just make six pies, cut them up, switch them around so they all have one of each flavor, and voila! Six pies with six different flavor slices. ^_^