Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Can you name all of the games/franchises from which these poorly-cut-out letters originated?  The winner gets a “““““prize”””””!
happy new year logo comp copy

Answers to be revealed… someday!

EDIT: The correct answers are as follows:

Guitar Hero
Animal Crossing
Professor Layton
Perfect Dark
Wario Land
Donkey Kong
Paper Mario


Rachel said...

H- I’m not sure.
A- Not sure
P- Not sure.
P- Not sure.
Y- Some Yoshi game, not sure which :)
N-Almost looks likeN63 or some Nintendo logo.
E- Looks like F-Zero? Maybe...
W- Definitely a Wario game. Don’t know which :)
Y- Definitely Kirby :)
E- Not so sure, maybe a Mario game?
A- Almost looks like a Kingdom Hearts game. Not sure though
R- Paper Mario all the way :)

I love you Benny! You are so great. I’m happy to see another post. I need to check your bog more often. You are the best! xoxo

Devin said...

Wow, I was pretty close when I first looked at this, but after looking at the answers, I was a lot farther off than I thought. I got at least two, though!

Rachel said...

Sweet, I think I did pretty good :) Love you Benny!