Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obsessive Compulsive Dream

So, last night I had a dream I was playing the Monk video game for the DS. Which is funny, cause, ya know... there isn't one. It was kind of interesting, though. In the dream, I was explaining to some friends why a Monk video game wouldn't work, but I was also playing the game at the same time, so it was a rather counter-productive argument. Now don't get me wrong - Monk is one of my favorite TV Shows. I'm just not sure how good the video game would be. In any case, it wasn't real, so there ya go.

Well, now that that's out of the way, here's a look at some upcoming Nintendo games:

Nintendo Wii

Mario Super Sluggers [1-4 players, Sports]: This follow-up to the excellent Mario Superstar Baseball (Gamecube) looks to combine the entertaining Mushroom Kingdom style of play with Wii Sports style swinging and pitching. It ships on Monday (Aug. 25), so you should see it by Wednesday in stores.

Sam & Max Season 1 [1 player, Adventure]: The creative masterminds at TellTale Games (SBCG4AP) are releasing the popular PC point-and-click adventure for the Wii. Be prepared for hilarious police hijinks and random breaking-out-into-song. Look for it around September 9th.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Episode 2 [1 player, Adventure]: Chapter 2 of the hilariously awesome Strong Bad point-and-click comes around the 15th of September. Be prepared for more Homestar beating-upping and King of Town over-eating.

Nintendo DS

N+ [1-player, Action]: This game is a sequel to the cult online flash game N, where you control an extremely quick and agile Ninja-esque character, trying to weave his way through insane traps and pitfalls. Look for it on Wednesday (Aug. 27) or so.

Line Rider 2: Unbound [1-player, Arcade]: Yet another flash game makes its way to handhelds and consoles. The original Line Rider is a fantastically entertaining game where you create unreal hill and jumps for the ill-fated sledder to ride on. It slides in on September 16th. (Also available on Wii)

So, gaming fans, get on out there and play some games. It's ok to play outside, too. Just remember there are lots of princesses that need saving (and they sure as heck better not be in another castle!)


Can't wait for: Mario Super Sluggers, Warioland: Shake It!


Rachel said...

Holy Cow, Ben, you are amazing!! How did you get that Monk picture on the DS? That's insane and you are so good :) Hehe, it's funny you had a dream about Monk. It's probably becasue we stayed up late watching it :) Those games you listed look pretty fun, we'll have to keep an eye out for them. I wuv you!

Funluvinchick said...

I hear they actually have a Monk computer game...wonder if the DS game would be anything like that. Anyway, I enjoy reading about new games, makes me feel like I know something about video games when before I really had no clue. I didn't even know how to play pacman...sad sad me. Keep up the great posts!

benjamines said...

@Rachel: Yeah, I'm thinkin' watching half of Season 6 had something to do with that dream.

@funluvinchick: Yeah, I think they have some mini-games or something at the USA website. Glad you're enjoying the site!