Friday, August 29, 2008

Party! Cheatsa Party!

Check it out! It's me! With Donkey Kong! On the Rainbow Road!

Well, loyal reader(s), the weekend is upon us. And it's one of those really great awesome 3-day types, too. The wife and I will be headed out to the lake with the rest of my family. It shall be great and grand. If the weather is bad, we'll probably end up playing New Super Mario Bros. multiplayer in the car. And that's awesome.

In any case, you may or may not see a post for the next few days. But it's ok, because the site will still be here, so feel free to read all of the articles over and over again, as if you forgot after each time. Then, go eat a sandwich and then come back and read them again. By the time the weekend is over, you will be even more excited to read something NEW.

I do have some news, though. One small part of the sweet eBay-purchased set of items arrived today. I want so badly to give it a go! But it must wait until all the pieces are in place. Look forward to it sometime next week (I hope).

So, with a wrap-up of recent games... Mario Super Sluggers is an amazing game. I finished unlocking all of the characters last night. It's super fun. It's basically the same as the Gamecube one, and that's not a bad thing. Plus you can have 5 Toads on one team. I can't imagine anything better.

By the way, for those who haven't noticed, there is a Poll on the right side of the page. I try to do a new one every week. The last one had a total of two votes, which isn't bad, but I think we can do better. So... vote! In fact, try voting every day. I don't care!

So, biased friends, I leave you with this beautiful haiku that I just made up, just now:

Nintendo, old friend
My thumbs hurt now, more each day.
Please... Neosporin.


Currently Eating: pineapple chunks in lime jello

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Rachel said...

Hehehe, "neosporin" I liked your haiku :) It was fun this weekend. I'm glad you were able to take a break and have some fun with the famiry. :) I love you!