Monday, August 18, 2008

108 in 2008

My hobby (or rather, obsession) of video game collecting has gone on for several years. My first 'very own' video game was Ducktales for the NES, and the latest is Crosswords DS. As new games come out, my collection grows.

Over the past few years, my collection has grown substantially, not only because I have a sweet wife who donates games to my cause, but I live in a town where you can actually buy video games.

In any case, school and work have taken up more of my time, leaving less time for games. So, the collection has been building faster than I can keep up with it. Therefore, I am going to give half of my games away! Just kidding. You're crazy if you thought I was serious.

Now, what I have done to remedy this pseudo-quandary is organize my games into a spreadsheet to keep track of them. And I am going to beat 108 games this year, hence the 108 in 2008.

This averages out to about 1 game every 3 days. Now, this sounds daunting, but know that many of these games are from the 80's and early 90's. Some of them can literally be conquered in less than 2 hours. There have been days where I beat 4 or 5 games in one day. As of right now, I need to beat 1 game by Wednesday to be caught up.

The last game I beat was Boom Blox, which by the way, is fantastic and will be reviewed later in the week.

In any case, I plan to update the blog occasionally with my progress. I leave you now with all the games I have beaten since June. Click to make it larger.


PsymonSaysBITEME said...

Your mom beat 108 in 2008.....

Rachel said...

Haha, I about had a heart attack when you said you were giving away half your games, I'm glad you were joking :) Good luck with the rest of your games, Sweetie! I know you can do it! :)