Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Da Weekend

Well, Labor Day is over, so all you ladies need to quit havin' babies now. You're just gonna have to suck it up and wait until next year.

Anyways, it was a great weekend, and it's also good to be back home. I got lots of sun and exercise (both of which I severely needed). Now I can spend some quality time with my wife and also with my games, so all is well.

Well, the top-secret-super-awesome item I was expecting has finally arrived! But you can't see it yet because I'm at work and I haven't had a chance to play with it yet! So expect a good run-down tomorrow, pictures and all.

Until then, let's talk about a few things. First of all, this week's Virtual Console list pulled out a huge surprise. The ever-popular and ever-hard-to-find-the-original-cartridge Super Mario RPG finally makes its VC appearance. I predict it shall sell at least 100 copies. Also included in this week's Wii downloadables is Clu-Clu Land, the obscure but fun Pac-Man-esque NES game, and the (definitely not) hugely anticipated My Aquarium thingety thing.

Anyways, here's something that could be fun... take the quiz below and it will tally your score and you can see what kind of gamer you are. Tally-ho! (Get it?)

So how'd you do? Leave a comment and enlighten us all.


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Funluvinchick said...

I'm an all around gamer, apparently. Which is basically true, as I don't know anything about games so I'll try just about everything. I should get better about being a real gamer...hmmm...

Devin said...

Well, it appears that I am a Nintendo Fanboy. I'm really glad of that, too, because I'd hate to be a Sony fan... How embarassing...

Rachel said...

I'm a Nintendo Fanboy, hehehe... but I'm a girl! Lol :) I don't think women can hold in a baby until next labor day. You make me giggle, Babe. I can't wait to read about your top-secret-super-awesome item. It's gonna be great! I love you! :)