Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Birthday Haul!

Greeting, friends! The last five days have been crazy, so don't be whinin' cause you got nothin' to read. Play some games, nag-dabbit! Anyways, here is a list of the games I recieved for my recent congratulations-you're-freakin'-old celebration!

Mega Man 9: The classic Mega Man adventure remade for a modern audience. Genius!

Geometry Wars Galaxies: The arcade-esque title comes to Wii for crazy space shooting madness!

DK Barrel Blast: The once-destined-for-Gamcube racing title. No bongos, but still looks fun!

Custom Robo DS: Buy a robot, make a robot, fight a robot, fix a robot, make new robot!

N+: The awesome ninja skills platformer comes to the DS, complete with intuitive level editor!

Space Invaders Extreme: Space Invaders on Acid would be a more accurate title. Exciting!

Bubble Bobble Double Shot: Bub & Bob welcome newcomer Bubu to the bubble-pooping arcade game!

Contra 4: A return to the classic, with tons of bonus content and games included!

Looney Tunes Cartoon Conductor: Elite Beat Agents with Looney Tunes classic scenes! Amazing!

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood: Sonic RPG! Fight! Go! Win!

Sonic Riders: Rail grinding action with everyone's favorite hedgehog and friends!

Kung Fu: The classic NES title. Hi-YA!

Track and Field II: Complete with box! That never freakin' happens!

Polarium Advance: The awesome DS puzzle reborn in GBA format. Schweet!

As you can see, my collection has grown considerably since last week. And that's ok! I shall spend the next while delving into and beating this slough of games. And with that, I'm leaving!


Currently Playing: N+, Space Invaders Extreme, Bubble Bobble Double Shot


Rachel said...

Whoa, lots of games :) Hehe, someone went crazy with birthday presents ;) I hope you have a great time playing all of them :) I love you so much! xoxo

Devin said...

That is a lot of games. It's apparent that someone loves you.