Thursday, October 23, 2008

Foist Impweshuns

Good day to you, biased fans! Today is Thursday, and that means it's one day from the weekend! Yahoo! So... what are you going to be playing this weekend?

I thought I'd blog about some of the awesome new games I got for my birthday. First off, I shall share with you the awesomeness that is N+. If you haven't played it, go here and play it. It's awesome, amazing, and awesomazing. The physics are great, the challenge is high, and the addiction is severe. Now THAT'S a recipe for a great game. The DS version, surprisingly maintains the same sense of speed and dexterity as the original. I mean, I knew the game would be fun, I just wasn't sure if they could recreate the same sense of fun. But they did! Awesome! Plus, there's like a billion levels, downloadable levels, and a level editor. Endless levels! Incredible!

I also started Bubble Bobble Double Shot. I haven't gotten very far yet. In fact, I haven't beaten the first boss yet. But I'm figuring it out. It's cool, because each of three (yes three, there's a new orange guy, Bubu) dinosaurs is a different color, and with the right item, has a different power. Green in lightning, orange is fire, and blue is water. Awesome! It's pretty hard, but that's ok. Bubble Bobble is a fun game, so a little difficulty here and there is ok with me. I'll have more to report on that one later.

Has anyone reading this ever been on an acid trip? Like, the kind where there's a little gold spaceship, and there's like a billion other spaceships, moving back and forth, and shooting at you. Plus there's a billion swirling colors and crazy stuff. If you have, then that's Space Invaders Extreme to a tee. Which is awesome. Cause I've never been on that kind of an acid trip. Until a few days ago. When I took acid. I kid! This is a family blog*! In any case, the game is a lot of fun! It takes everything great about the original Space Invaders (which was made 30 years ago, believe it or not) and kicks it up about 6 notches.


There ya go. Kicked it up six notches.

In any case, there are many, many, many games to play and I shall report on the likes of them as I complete them. To the truck!


Currently Playing: N+, Warioland Shake It!, Looney Tunes B-Ball

*Yeah, right!


Rachel said...

What's this about acid??? JK, I'm sure the effects of Acid is a good way to describe the craziness of Space Invaders (I really wouldn't know), but it's a pretty insane game :) I'm glad your first impressions of your new games are good ones. Hopefully they will continue to be good til the end :) I love you!

Funluvinchick said...

Acid trip...hmmm...yes, I've had one of those! 2001: A Space Odessy. Yup. Tripy... I guess there's something about space that is acid tripy like.

Devin said...

Is this game trippy in the same sense as "Swordquest: Earthworld"? I know that one has some pretty sweet swirling colors, and no story line! Can it get any better?