Friday, October 17, 2008

Ye Olde Holidaye!

It's my birthday today! And it almost snowed yesterday morning! Plus it snowed last weekend! How awesome is that?! But, despite my fervent prayers, it has all melted. I know it'll be back someday, though. I just knows it...

Either way, the falling of new snow marks the approachment of my favorite holiday: Christmas! I know it's been severely commercialized, but I think that's half the fun. Half the good games come out during the holiday season! But, seeing all these new games makes me wonder why they picked the ones they did instead of something better. So, let's take a look at some games that need to be made, hm?

Chibi-Robo (Wii) - I love Chibi-Robo! It's an fantastic gameplay design that anyone can play. While he is unfortunately undersold, hopefully Chibi-Robo will continue to be released every couple of years. They are making a Wii-controlled Gamecube version soon, so the liklihood of this isn't too high, but I think we'll see it before the Wii moves along. Either way, it would make a great addition to the already great lineup of Wii titles. I can just hear the robot sounds coming out of the little speaker on the Wiimote. Awesome!

Paper Mario (DS) - I think it's only a matter of time before this one comes out. Paper Mario takes the good parts of RPGs and adds them to the good parts of adventure games, which creates an extremely rewarding and supremely entertaining combination. I hope they go back to regular-style Paper Mario instead of mostly platforming. While Super Paper Mario was very fun, it lacked a certain something-something. Just think of it. You could be battling, and you could use the touch screen to do action commands and pick items to use. It makes perfect sense! Again, I think this one will come out eventually, but I wish it was coming out sooner.

F-Zero (DS and Wii) - F-Zero is easily one of my favorite franchises. It's not your regular racing game. Not only is it much faster, but there's a lot of strategy involved. After the first lap, you can use your ship's energy to give yourself a boost, but if you use too much, you may hit an opponent and explode. Plus, you get rewarded for knocking other people off of the track. Great fun! But the last one came out nearly 5 years ago. This is simply unacceptable. Much crappier games have seen much qiucker releases. Even epic games like Mario and Zelda see more releases than F-Zero. But it makes so much sense to make new ones! The unique controls of the DS and Wii could open up some seriously incredible possibilities. Come on, Nintendo! Make it happen!

Just seeing that picture on the right makes me want to wet myself. So warm...

Mario DDR 2 (Wii) - One of my favorite gamecube games needs a sequel, dangit! Even if they just had the game and no dance pad, I'd still get it! (Because I already have a dance pad). Oh, and this time, I hope they make more than like 1,000 of the total, so you know, everyone that wants one can get one. That'd be nice. Or, maybe they could change it up a little and do a Nintendo DDR, with songs from Zelda, Pokemon, and Donkey Kong. That'd be great. Something tells me we won't see this anytime soon, but it's ok to wish. Dangit.

Kirby (Wii) - It's been years now, but Nintendo released a video showing a Kirby game for the gamecube, which appeared to be the sequel (or successor) to Kirby 64. I love Kirby 64! But then it just kind of vanished. Then later on, there was a rumor that they were going to release the game on Wii instead. Awesome! But again, it has faded away. Nintendo, I just have one question: Where the crap is my Kirby Wii?!?! Kirby 64 is, in my humble yet indisputable opinion, the greatest video game ever made. Why then, would you not make a sequel? Honestly! But I'm not bitter or anything...

Click here to see the Kirby trailer released 3 freakin' years ago.

So, there you have it. Some games that make perfect sense, but ones you may never see. Have any other idea about what Nintendo (or others) should make? Let us know!


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Devin said...

I have just one idea on what should come out. Why haven't they made a Looney Tunes B-Ball for any other system? Heck, it could be a port of the original, I don't care. The original was awesome. Anyways, that's what I think.

Rachel said...

Animal Crossing!! But that's already coming out :) Hmm, a new Zelda would be fun. It hasn't been too long since the last one though. I totally agree about a new Chibi Robo, that game was awesome! :)