Friday, November 14, 2008

Flush Gum Froodee!

Friday means new Flash game! This time, I would like to show you a great game. It involves something that is not only immoral, but hilariously morbid. Of course I mean launching kittens out of a cannon.

I should probably tell you that there is blood involved, considering the cat can land on spikes and bombs and what not. It is animated blood, so if you are faint of animated heart, I would recommend staying away.

Instructions: Choose cannon angle, launch kitten, go for distance!

Click Here to play Kitten Cannon!


Rachel said...

Hahaha, this game is hilarious! At first I was a little shocked/grossed out when you were showing it to me, but once I started playing it I couldn't stop. Hehe, fun stuff :) I like your flash game idea. You are so smart. I love you!!

Devin said...

I love this game!