Tuesday, June 2, 2009

E3 starts today!

Greetings, all! Today is the big day! Even though Microsoft had their press conference last night, the show we've all been waiting for officially starts today. Nintendo's press conference starts about 2 and a half hours from right now. So stay tuned and I'll try and update every now and again with news. Hoo-hah!

As for my bingo card, I have 1 mark so far. They officially announced the TMNT IV remake yesterday. The only problem is that they haven't said if it's for Wii or not. It was announced at the Microsoft press conference, so we know it's for Xbox 360. But then again, they didn't say it was exclusive, and I think it would be stupid of Konami to not make for the Wii (and I suppose, that other system out there). In any case, the TMNT remake falls in line with the free space on my bingo card, so I need there to be Professor Layton, a new Wii Fit, and more New Play Control games, and I get at least 1 BINGO. And that means 1,000 Nintendo Points from all of you! Man, life is good.


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Rachel said...

Hooray! The long awaited day :) I'm happy you'll be able to keep an eye on it even though you have classes and work. I'm excited for ya! I love you Boo Bear! :)