Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E3 Bingo 2011!!

Ok, so maybe this should have been done a little sooner, but no matter. It is here! Nintendo's press conference starts Tuesday morning at 10:00am MDT! Check it out at Nintendo's website here, or see it at the best website ever right here! While you're watching, have a nice little bingo card to see how many games you will owe me by the time the press conference is over (click on it to see it full size). Be prepared to be blown away! It's gonna be another great year to be a Nintendo fan!


1 comment:

Rachel said...

You did so good with this bingo card! And you got like a bazillion bingos too! Way to go! :) Hehe, I think I still owe you about 40000 nintendo points or something like that :) Don't let me forget, ok? I'm glad you were able to get this bingo card done. It's super cool :) I love you!