Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 2012 Live Broadcast

Greetings, Nintendorks! Ready to check out some sweet, sweet Nintendo news and announcements? Me too!

For this year's presentation, Nintendo will be broadcasting the event from here, their E3 Facebook page. As long as the server doesn't crash from so many people tuning in, that should work.

But just in case it does not, the video will also be broadcast right here! On Tuesday morning at 10am MT, the space below will also be a broadcast of the event. (Although, you should know that the comments being made on there, if any, have nothing to do with me or this site)

Update: Sorry folks, but I was unable to hijack someone else's video stream get my video stream to work, so the Facebook page was the only option. But hop on over to to see videos about the new games and features.

So there ya go! You have no excuses why you can't watch this year's presentation. And it should be a good one. Launch games for Wii U, new games for 3DS... I can't wait! See you then!



Devin said...

That was awesome!

Rachel said...

So cool! Thanks for telling me about it :) Can't wait for the 3DS game announcements!! <3