Saturday, August 2, 2014

Former Hotel Dusk Developer Wants Series to Continue

Former Cing Vice President Rika Suzuki has expressed her desire to continue the Hotel Dusk series.

Suzuki discussed Cing and the Hotel Dusk series in an interview with Italian site Nintendon.
“We, at Cing, were developing games by creating unique characters and a world which could not be found in previous Nintendo games and also by preparing scenarios keeping in mind future serial works. 
We also emphasized originality for graphical expressions and incorporated rendering, game elements and sound effects which allow users to be immersed in a story. Although our games seem to have less aggressive elements, all of them are extremely challenging titles whose details we worked very meticulously.”
Cing developed the point-and-click mystery game Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the Nintendo DS back in 2007. The game featured unique, ‘pencil-sketch’ art and a host of interesting characters. The sequel, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, was never released in North America because Cing went bankrupt. However, if given the chance, Suzuki would be up for another entry in the series.
“Kyle Hyde’s story has not ended in myself, yet. However, we gave the right concerning Kyle Hyde to Nintendo as a publisher so I cannot make a new game featuring Kyle without any permission. 
Having said that, I hope that I will be able to produce his story, which is still going on in myself, in some different way to be delivered to players.”
This is great news! I thought both games were excellent and I was saddened when Cing went bankrupt. I’m glad to hear that developers are still interesting in creating more games like this.

Would you be interested in another adventure starring Kyle Hyde?

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Rachel said...

It's kinda cool that making games is kinda like writing a book. Both authors and developers mention the story/characters being inside if them, like they are actual people in their heads. Kinda cool :)