Friday, August 1, 2014

Nintendo Voted Top Developer in Japan

A recent poll by the website Freshers shows that Nintendo is still the favorite developer in Japan.

The poll was taken by 500 members of the public. If they answered 'yes' to 'Do you play video games?', the following question was who their favorite developer was. 72 out of the 500 answered yes, and of those 72, Nintendo received 30 votes.

The next most-popular developers were Square-Enix with 18 votes and Capcom with 6. All of the top-ten developers were Japanese. In fact, the only foreign companies mentioned were EA and Microsoft, and those were likely only mentioned because they are large corporations. Let's be honest here: no one really likes EA.

It's nice to know that Japanese gamers still love the house of Mario. And it should really come as no surprise. Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing still sell millions of copies every year.

Are you surprised at the results? If so, please stop visiting this website.

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Rachel said...

Not surprising, so I'm still coming to your website :P I'm a little surprised not more people play video games...