Monday, March 2, 2009

New Games On The Way!

Last Thursday, Nintendo released a large list of games to be released between now and June for the DS and Wii. Why June? Probably because E3 is on June 1st, so they are undoubtedly saving the big announcements for then.

For those that don't know, E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and it's usually held in LA around May or June. This year will be special, because they are going back to the gigantic, stellar, and awesome format. The last two years, they decided to make it a small affair, and as such, many companies decided not to come. They have obviously learned from their mistake and returned it to the most humongous gaming event of the year. Expect big announcements from Nintendo and others. More on that in a minute.

In any case the list Nintendo released on Thursday had some interesting titles on it. First and most importantly is the inclusion of The Legendary Starfy for DS. Legend of Stafy (note there is no 'r') is a popular franchise in Japan, whose games are similar to Kirby. And finally, after years of wishing, it comes to the USA! Hooray!

The next big title on the list is Excitebots, which is the mystery game announced by Monster Games a few months back. It is a racing game that builds on the Excitebike and Excitetruck games. I'm interested to see what the bots will add to the experience, but I'm sure the game will be fun, considering every Excite game ever has been amazing.

Of all the games that make great use of the Wii Remote motion capabilities, Boom Blox was one of the best. And, just over a year after the first was released, the sequel, Boom Blox Bash party, comes crashing back. The most exciting part is the enhanced level editor, which lets you set the points needed for bronze, silver, and gold medals. It is expected to be released some time this summer.

Also on the list are Punch-Out!!, the awesome revival of a great arcade boxing franchise, and a couple a Sega games, namely Let's Tap and The Conduit. Let's Tap is a game where you don't even touch the controller. Instead you set it on the box and tap the box for input. Very strange, yes, but it will be less expensive at launch ($30-ish, I believe), and it does look fun. The Conduit is a FPS game built from the ground up for Wii. I'm not usually one for FPS games, but this one does look pretty good. I'll have to see if it's worth buying when June rolls around.

Oh, and there's one more game that needs mentioning. On April 5th, the same day as the DSi is released, Nintendo will release Rhythm Heaven along with it. It's a music games where you tap along with the music of various levels and strange things go on around you. Think of it as a mix between WarioWare and Elite Beat Agents, two amazing games.

So there are definitely some great games to look forward to as the summer nears. And now, I'd like to take this time to give you my predictions of games that will be announced at E3. I could be wrong, but this post is a way for me to prove to some people in June that I was right. So, here we go!

F-Zero (Wii and/or DS)
  • F-Zero and Starfox are the only major Nintendo franchises that have not been given a Wii game.
  • The DS had Starfox, but not F-Zero. Honestly, this is long overdue.
  • That picture I made on the right makes me sad that the games doesn't exist, cause it'd be AWESOME!!!
Starfox (Wii)
  • Starfox games aren't quite as fun as F-Zero, but they usually sell well.
  • I'd be surprised if this didn't show up at E3.
Pikmin 3 (Wii)
  • Pikmin has gained a loyal following, especially since Captain Olimar (the main character) was included in Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • This has technically been announced, but I think we'll see some nice juicy details.
  • I expect this will be released sometime next year.
Paper Mario (DS)
  • There were some rumors last year that Nintendo was remaking Paper Mario 64 for the DS.
  • While I would prefer a brand-new game, Paper Mario 64 us one of the best games ever, and my personal favorite RPG.
  • Paper Mario has been released on every system since the franchise started (except GBA, but it couldn't really handle the graphics), so it makes sense that they would make one for DS.
Kirby (Wii)
  • There was a Kirby trailer shown about 5 years ago for a really great-looking gamecube game. Then it quietly disappeared.
  • Later, a rumor surfaced that Nintendo was making it for the Wii instead.
  • Nintendo Japan's release list had Kirby Wii for a November 2008 release. Obviously, that didn't happen.
  • Things have been quiet since then, but I'd be surprised if it's been totally scrapped.
Professor Layton (DS)
  • Easily one of the most charming and entertaining games for the DS.
  • Japan already has three games released.
  • This is long overdue.
Legend of Zelda (Wii)
  • Twilight Princess was released about 3 years after it was announced, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a sequel this soon.
  • Miyamoto has suggested that we could see a new Zelda game sooner than we might expect.
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (DS)
  • Just thinking about this game makes we wet myself.
  • Even though the original still sells quite well, I can see Nintendo making a new one in the next year or two.
  • Don't be surprised if it has elements from Super Mario 2 (NES), such as throwing vegetables and what not.
Captain Rainbow (Wii)
  • It's already been released in Japan, and it looks awesome.
  • Just translate it and send it over!
So those are some games that definitely could be seen at E3. Here's a list of some other games that would be awesome, but there isn't much evidence to suggest they exist.
  • Meteos 2 (DS and/or Wii)
  • New Chibi-Robo (DS and/or Wii)
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3 (DS and/or Wii)
  • New Mario Party (most likely Wii)
  • Metroid (DS)
  • New Monkey Ball (DS and/or Wii)
  • Viewtiful Joe (DS and/or Wii)
  • Mario Golf (DS and/or Wii)
  • Links' Crossbow Training 2 (Wii)
  • New Trauma Center (DS and/or Wii)
  • New WarioWare (DS)
  • New Elite Beat Agents (DS)
  • New TimeSplitters (Wii)
  • Mario Sunshine remake (DS)
So there you have it. In a perfect world, these games would all be nearing completion. Unfortunately, very few of those exist. In any case, I think some of my predictions will be accurate. If I don't get any right, then I will play Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga all the way through without using any cheats. Ouch.


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Rachel said...

I hope your predictions come true, babe :) We'll just have to eat bread and water this next year so we can afford to get the good ones ;) Sounds like you are excited for the ones that they've already announced, I'll keep my eye out for them :) I love you! xoxo