Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cool crap from Japan!

So, apparently, it’s cool to have really cool things in Japan.  What the crap does that mean?  I dunno!

Check out these freakin’ cool cards from Nintendo!



Also, check out these sweet new colors for the DSi XL, coming out in Japan right after E3!
DSi xl rby

I dunno why they get all the cool stuff!!  I love those colors, though.  They remind me of the Gameboy Color days.  Man, those things were awesome.  Now we just need red and see-through!


Rachel said...

Those are so cool! Both the colors and the cards! amazarzing :) Love you Ben! Thanks for showing such awesome things on here :) xoxo

Devin said...

Dang dude, that's awesome! I wish my/your old GBC still worked... Those were the days...