Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 2010 Wrap-up, Day 1

Well, I must say that today was filled with First Person Shooters, boring press conferences, and blatant rip-offs.

At Microsoft's presser, they talked about the motion-sensing Kinect, but they never mentioned how they're basically ripping off the Wii.  To prove that, they showed off their totally original Wii Kinect Sports and Wii Kinect Fitness games.

At EA's press conference, they showed people killing each other, and then they presented their totally original Vitality Sensor Heart Monitor.

At Ubisoft's conference, they showed more people killing each other, and then revealed their own completely original Vitality Sensor Heart Monitor.

In short, everyone is copying the Wii (aside from FPSs, of course).  I guess I'm not surprised, considering the top-six selling games of all time were released by Nintendo in the past five years.

Speaking of FPSs, there's a rumor that Goldeneye (yes, that Goldeneye) is being re-released exclusively for Wii, complete with updated graphics and what not.  Man, I love when the Wii gets exclusives.

As for the bingo, you can see below that I did get one square so far.  Not much of an achievement, though.  Since it was the free space.  And stuff.

But fear not!  Tomorrow morning (at 10am MST, don't forget!) is Nintendo's show, where they will likely show off the fabled 3DS and the original Vitality Sensor, along with several awesome games, I'm sure.  Be there or be stupid!

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Rachel said...

Wow, it's amazing how copy'ish they are. You would think they would want something original so they could actually sell something. I bet their prices will be higher than Nintendos too. Ah well, good thing we are Nintendo fans! Yay :)