Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sega Reveals Sonic Boom Release Dates

You'll only have to wait a few more months to pick up the latest Sonic the Hedgehog games!

The new adventures starring the blue blur and pals will be out in November. The 3DS version, Shattered Crystal, releases on November 11, while the Wii U Version, The Rise of Lyric, comes out a week later on November 18.

As you probably noticed, the characters have a slightly different design than normal. Knuckles is the most different, as he is now notably taller than Sonic, and much beefier. The 3DS version also features a new character, Sticks the Badger, whose boomerang prowess is probably useful in some way.

Story wise, both games are prequels to the television show of the same name. The TV show airs later this year on Cartoon Network.

Do you plan on picking up either of these games?

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Rachel said...

They might be fun. Always kind of hit and miss with games based off of movies and shows :) I guess we'll have to see :)