Monday, July 14, 2014

Three New Fighters Announced for Super Smash Bros!

The Smash Bros. roster is getting insane! This morning, Three new characters were announced, including the best fighter in the entire series, and veteran since the beginning, CAPTAIN FALCON!!!

Before I get into the specifics, maybe just take a look at the video. Because it's awesome.

As you can see, Captain Falcon is still as awesome as ever! The Falcon Punch is ready and willing, as always. It's too bad he didn't quite connect on that punch. Soon, Falcon. Soon...

We also have three new Fire Emblem characters! That brings the total to five! Wowzers! All three of them are from the latest game in the series: Fire Emblem: Awakening (which is an amazing game, by the way).

Chrom, the guy who was laying on the ground most of the video, is the main character from Awakening (now confirmed to not be a playable character, which is odd). Lucina is Chrom's daughter. Robin, the character with the tomes and the Levin Sword, is the user character from Awakening. You may not have recognized him at first since you can choose his name (and gender and looks) at the beginning of the game. This also explains why there is a female version.

But those three don't matter right now. What matters is that the Falcon lives! And he flies! And he will murder all your sorry faces on October 3rd when the 3DS version releases!!

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Anonymous said...

Woot, woot!! Captain Falcon! Can't wait for the classic Pikachu vs. Captain Falcon fights!! :D