Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Sold 2.82 Million Copies in First Month

Mario Kart 8 is doing as well as anyone could have expected, selling 2.82 million units in its first month.

The number was revealed during Nintendo's quarterly financial meeting. Keep in mind that the game has been out for two months, so the actual sales figure is higher than that.

Selling 2.82 million units means over 40% of Wii U owners had purchased the game by the end of June. Certainly well over half own the game by now.

It's good to see the game selling so well. Now we just need more Wii U titles to make some good impressions. Super Smash Bros. and Captain Toad can't come soon enough.

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Rachel said...

Yay for Mario Kart! That Caption Toad game sounds so awesome and Smash looks amazing!! Fun times :)