Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursdownloaday - July 10, 2014

Are you prepared to buy a whole crap-ton of great games this week?! Then prepare to be disappointed!

Rabi Laby 3 ($4.99) - A puzzle platformer starring a rabid lady or maybe a lippy rabbit. I dunno.

Me & My Pets 3D ($19.99) - Yet another pet sim. There's no way you'd be disappointed with this one. Nope. None at all.

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red ($29.99) - An adventure game set in the universe of the popular (in Japan) anime series.

Bases Loaded (NES, $4.99) - The old-school baseball game returns. Not as good as the plain ol' Major League Baseball NES game, but not the worst baseball game of the era, either.

Swords & Soldiers 3D ($3.99, normally 6.99)

Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai ($4.99, normally 8.99)

Witch & Hero ($2.80, normally 3.99)

The Letter ($1.99) - Some kind of horror game. Must be awesome at only $1.99. The screenshot at the top of the page is from this game. Seems legit. I almost want to buy it to see how terrible it is.

ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red ($29.99) - Same as the 3DS version above.

Bases Loaded (NES, $4.99) - Same as the 3DS version above.

I've Got To Run! ($1.20, normally 1.99) - Sounds like someone has to poop!

Are you gonna buy anything this week?

Yeah, me neither.

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Rachel said...

I dunno, "I've Got To Run!" Sounds kind of promising. Especially in light of some of my relatives and the stories they've told of their poop escapades... lol