Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nintendo News: May 11, 2010

3DS maybe In a recent investor interview, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated that 3DS is not the official name for its upcoming 3D-enabled handheld.  He hinted that we will probably see the real name around E3.  I’m guessing it will the Nintendo Egg.  A new Yoshi game will be a launch title.  You heard it here first.  In the same interview, he mentioned that the 3D functionality can be easily turned on and off.  Nintendo is concerned that by forcing people to use 3D, there will be some users who will suffer adverse effects (about 10-15% of people experience headaches or nausea from 3D).  Whether this is a physical switch or just a checkbox in the options menu has yet to be revealed.

Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda, others) dropped a tidbit suggesting Wii Music could get a sequel.  He said that almost every time a game ships, he regrets something about it, such as a fun feature they could have added, but didn’t think of in time.  If a new Wii Music was released, it appears it may be more of an update than a sequel (a la Wii Fit Plus).  There are no other details, but I think if they released a Wii Music Plus, I would get it.  The first one was really fun!

A few days ago, Social Gaming company Zynga (FarmVille, Mafia Wars) has announced that they are possibly going to leave Facebook and launch their own gaming portal.  Ever since Facebook changed their policies so companies like Zynga can’t leave stupid notifications for every person in the world, they have been hemorrhaging users; 7.3 million in the last two weeks.  Personally, I’ve always thought games like these were ridiculous, so I think it’s kinda funny.



Rachel said...

The 3D DS sounds awesome :) When does it come out again? Wii Music was really cool. It will be neat if they bring out another one. I think those facebook games are annoying too. You are awesome, Ben! Love you!

Devin said...

Nintendo Egg, huh? Egg, as in, "I'm pretty sure it was .egg" or "It's time for some of Stupid Uncle Egg's Goodtime Diaper Pie"?