Friday, May 14, 2010

Nintendo News: May 14, 2010

According to the NPD (they keep track of video game sales and all that stuff), the Nintendo DS will soon pass the PS2 as the best-selling video game system of all time.  Despite having been released 5 years later, Nintendo’s dual-screen wonder will take the top spot from Sony’s once-popular brand.  As of March 31, the DS had sold 129 million units.  Go Nintendo!

Speaking of numbers, the big three of video game companies (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, of course) have all released their sales number from the past year.  As is not surprising the Wii has a secure lead, selling 70.9 million units worldwide in the last year.  Microsoft is still in second, but just barely, which does not bode well for them, since they released the XBox 360 a year before the other two.  They sell well in the US, but not so much in Japan or Europe.   Maybe they should consider making something besides FPSs.  They sold 40.3 million units compared to Sony’s 35.9.

A rumor is circulating that the next Scribblenauts game will be called Super Scribblenauts.  A now-dead link on Amazon seemed to confirm the announced sequel.  The name would fit, since WB Games has stated that the game will have adjectives.  The real question?  How in the world will typing “repugnant” help anything.  In any case, as long as they fix the controls, the game sounds like a lot of fun.



Rachel said...

Go Nintendo! They definitely get the most sales because they have the best stuff. That's cool about Scribble-nibble ;) Hehe, I really hope they fix the controls. It was a fun game, but sometimes those controls would go a little weird.

Devin said...

Dude, that's awesome! Frankly I'm not surprised the Wii did so well, outselling the PS3 2 to 1... I do think it's freakin' awesome that the DS is gonna surpass the PS2! Go Nintendo! Yeeeeeee hawwwww!