Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cancelled Wii Game Sadness to be Resurrected on Wii U

Back in the early days of the Wii, a now-defunct studio was working on a black-and-white horror game called Sadness. After years of almost no information, it was cancelled. Now, two studios are teaming up to bring the horror adventure back to life on Wii U.

Developers at Hullbreach Studios and Cthulhi Games (some of whom worked on the original) have confirmed that they are working on the title.

Sadness uses elements of psychological horror to scare people instead of pure violence. The film noir style adds to this effect.

The original game was in 3D, using the Wii remote to shine a flashlight or hold an umbrella. It is unclear if the motion controls will return. What we do know is that the game has been converted to 2D.

So, we still have very little info, but we do know it's on its way. More info will be revealed later this year.

I, for one, am excited about this. I remember reading about it years ago and while I'm not generally into horror games, this one looked interesting. Hopefully it turns out to be fun.

You can read the interview with the developers at NintendoLife.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that Hullbreach Studios and Cthulhi Games do not actually own the right to the Sadness IP. There are multiple studios that are competing for ownership at this time. The developers have said that they will move forward with development regardless of whether or not they own Sadness, as the game was mainly just ideas. So they'll slap on a new name and go forward anyway. We'll see what happens. I should have known that a game like this would continue to live as vaporware. Duke Nukem Forever may soon have a new competitor for "Game With Most Time Spent In Development Limbo".

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Anonymous said...

I think it looks really awesome. I'm terrible at horror things though: horror movies, horror books, horror games. They are just all too... horribly scary for me. You'll have to give us a review once you pay it :)