Friday, May 2, 2014

New Line of Nintendo Toys on the Way

Nintendo has recently revealed that they will be releasing a new line of toys based on the World of Nintendo. And it’s not just Mario this time.

This chart shows the characters for which toys are being created.

As you can see, there are plans for various character figurines, including Link, Pit, Fox, and yes, the fastest racer in the entire universe, Captain Falcon. This is a great day for me, and for all F-Zero fans (which, really, is everyone, whether they admit it or not).

In addition to figurines, there will be Mario plushies, Mario figurines of varying sizes, and a set of Mario Kart 8 R/C cars that supposedly can drive up walls, just like you can in the game. So either someone figured out anti-gravity, or they use some kind of suctions cups or sticky tape or like… something else.

In any case, I’m always glad to see Nintendo giving me more opportunities to give them money. Seriously, I’m surprised I’m not completely broke right now. When the Captain Falcon figurine releases, I’ll probably buy them all and give them to all the good kids in the world. And I will give the bad kids a Falcon Punch in the face, just like Captain Falcon would do.

These have so far only been confirmed for Australia, but it would be insane if they didn’t make their way to the US of Awesome.

There is no release date yet. Whatever it is, it’s not soon enough.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those look so great! Can't wait for them to come out. The little Pikmin would be fun to toss around, lol :) Cool, cool!