Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursdownloaday - May 15, 2014

It's Thursday, and that means we get new downloadable games!

3DS Downloads

Moon Chronicles, Episode 1 ($8.99) - A portion of the remake of the DS game Moon. The other episodes will complete the game later on. Sadly, it does not involve showing your butt to people.

ARC STYLE: Baseball 3D ($4.99) - A full-fledged baseball game featuring everything you love: baseballs, bats, players, fields and more.

Candy Match 3 ($7.99) - As if we needed more match-three candy games. Hasn't Candy Crush already stolen enough time and money (and assets from other games)?

Mega Man IV (GB, $2.99) - The fourth installment in the portable Mega Man series finally arrives. Play as Mega Man as you do Mega things as a Man, such as use your Mega Buster on robot Mans.

Deep Sea Creatures (DSi, 500 pts.) - Yes, this is a DSi game. Go find some fish and keep some and throw some away or something. I dunno. Haven't played it.

3DS Discounts

Code of Princess ($14.99, normally $29.99, from May 9th to June 2nd) - A mix of platforming/adventure/RPG. Looks pretty awesome.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked ($14.99, normally $29.99, from May 9th to June 2nd) - Another RPG from Atlus on sale. Go buy it or don't.

Wii U Downloads

Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails ($9.99) - An on-rails shooter that makes use of the GamePad and other unique Wii U features. This game is a Wii U exclusive. Sorry, NeoGeo fans.

Color Zen ($4.99) - A relaxing puzzler or something.

Wii Party U ($59.99) - This is the same as the retail version, just without a Wii Remote and GamePad Stand. Sadly, we have yet to perfect downloadable plastic. Maybe someday.

Adventures of Lolo ($4.99) - The classic NES title returns for Wii U owners. Go downloload it.

Which game(s) will you buy? None of them? All of them? Some of them? All of the above?

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Haha, no butts huh? Can't be worth it then ;)