Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rumor: Wii Sports Resort Boxing and Baseball Coming this Summer

Wii Sports Club has so far offered three sports for your enjoyment: Bowling, Tennis, and Golf. According to a Japanese retail blog, Nintendo is making a Wii U Bundle that will include the full Wii Sports Resort. This would mean that Boxing and Baseball will probably be available around that same time.

If tradition continues, each sport will cost $10 and will feature the classic Wii Sports experience, but with new extra modes, HD graphics, and online play. They are rumored to be released in July in Japan.

Truth be told, I enjoyed Wii Sports Baseball more than all the other sports except maybe Bowling, so this is good news. I remember vividly when I finally got my hands on a Wii (funny story; maybe another day). I played all the sports, but I played Baseball until I pulled almost every muscle in my arm. Good times.

Which ones will you pick up? Both? Right answer.

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Anonymous said...

Bowling is definitely my favorite :) I think there are more funny stories with the baseball games though (Wiimote meets back of head, etc) It will be fun to have more options :)