Friday, May 16, 2014

Mario Kart Weekend

If there was ever a weekend to play Mario Kart, it would be all of them. But especially this weekend.

Today is May 16th, which means Mario Kart 8 releases in just two weeks! I can hardly contain my excitement, as evidenced by my soiled undies.

But it also means there are only a few more days before Nintendo WiFi Connection is shut down forever. So this weekend will be the last time you will be able to play Mario Kart Wii and MarioKart DS online. Standard local play will continue, naturally, but after Monday, you won't be able to cheese people off with offensive Miis and terrible driving.

Additionally, if you have Club Nintendo points you need to spend, you can redeem them for MarioKart 64 for 250 coins (or you can buy it outright for $10).

So go play some MarioKart this weekend. Go run someone off a cliff. Tell 'em Ben sent ya.

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Anonymous said...

So exciting about the new one! What a great timing as well :)