Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nintendo Working on Nintendo-Themed Skylanders-Style Game

You know Skylanders, right? The game with the toys that you scan to get more characters? Yeah. Nintendo is making one.

And it all starts with Mario.
In yesterday's investor's meeting, Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo is working on a title that would incorporate toys and games.

Like Skylanders, there will be games available for Wii U and 3DS. By placing toys on the 'portal' (or possibly the Wii U GamePad, as it has the technology built-in), the character will enter the game.

This makes me wonder about my recent post about various Nintendo-themed toys, including Captain Falcon, Pit, and Star Fox. Could they be meant for this game? A World of Nintendo game?!


Seriously, this will be amazing. I bet we hear something about it at E3!

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Anonymous said...

This would be so fun!!! I really hope it's affordable though :)