Monday, June 23, 2014

New Japanese Trailers for Hyrule Warriors Revealed

In case you needed more reason to Hyrule Warriors, here are a couple of new trailers!

This first trailer highlights the use of the Fire Rod. I'm surprised the stupid enemies continue to attack. That things should send most creatures running for the hills.

The second trailer shows some interesting sword moves, with a cameo performance from Dodongo himself.

You likely also noticed that Japanese gamers get the opportunity to buy some sweet swag with the game. One bundle comes with the game and a TriForce clock, which is awesome in and of itself. The other bundle is a Zelda-themed treasure box, the TriForce clock, and Link's notable blue scarf. These bundles will cost approx. $106 and $135 respectively.

Are you jealous that Japan gets this stuff? I sure as heck am! Those stinking lucky Japanese weirdos! Oh well. Maybe in the next life.

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Anonymous said...

WHATTT!?! We don't get that cool stuff?? That's what they should have given out for their platinum reward, not those stinkin digital games!! Argh!