Thursday, June 12, 2014

Art Academy for Wii U Coming in October

Nintendo has announced that the newest Art Academy game will release on the Wii U this October.

The game includes a large variety of drawing tools, such as paint, pencils, and charcoal. It also includes lessons for both basic and advanced drawing techniques.

Budding artists can record their drawings to play back as video, and can also share their creations via Miiverse. You can see this in action in the trailer below.

Art Academy for Wii U (tentative title) is a fully-featured version of Art Academy Sketchpad, which has been available on the eShop since August 2013.

Games like this are great if you have the patience and/or talent to make something impressive. If all else fails, you can share pictures of butts on Miiverse. Butts are easy to draw.

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