Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tetris Ultimate Hitting 3DS This Fall

This year, Tetris is celebrating its 30th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, Ubisoft is creating a new Tetris game for multiple systems, the best of which is the Nintendo 3DS.

When the initial announcement for Tetris Ultimate was made, Nintendites were quick to point out that no Nintendo systems were included in the announcement. This was odd, especially when you consider that the Game Boy version accounts for over 15% of all-time worldwide Tetris sales.

Well, now the folks at Ubisoft have momentarily decided to not be stupid, and have confirmed that a 3DS version is in the works. There is no mention of Wii U, so I guess Ubisoft isn't totally un-stupid yet.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can still buy the Game Boy version on 3DS Virtual Console. Some versions of Tetris are still available in stores, such as Tetris Axis for 3DS, and Tetris Party Deluxe for Wii and DS. Also, if you can find a copy of Tetris DS, BUY IT! It was developed by Nintendo themselves, and is probably the best Tetris game ever created.

Will you buy the new Tetris to celebrate its 30th anniversary?

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad I bought Tetris DS when I did :) This new one sounds promising :)