Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Capcom Shareholders Reject Anti-Takeover Plan

It seems that Capcom shareholders are a little upset. They have declined to renew the company's anti-takeover plan, meaning the company could be purchased by another corporation.

The anti-takeover agreement has been renewed every two years until now. It appears that shareholders are not ok with Capcom's business practices or revenues, despite earnings being up in some departments (but lagging in others, such as mobile games. Big surprise).

What this means for the future is anyone's guess. It's possible that a very large company could purchase Capcom and do a little restructuring. Or they might go the way of THQ and sell off their assets one by one.

If Capcom eventually does sell their assets, Nintendo should purchase Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Okami, and Viewtiful Joe. For whatever reason, Capcom gives little or no attention to the last three, despite them being some of the best games of their time.

The majority of the games from these franchises have been on Nintendo systems, anyway, so why not buy them up entirely?

If Capcom is sold, I think the most likely scenario is that a third-party will buy them up and business will continue as usual, much like when Sega bought the parent company of Atlus.

If Capcom goes up for sale, should Nintendo buy them?

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Rachel said...

Heck yes! Those are some great games. They could only profit if they could take them over. And just think of how much awesome they'd be with Nintendo making them? :) yeah, Lots!