Friday, June 13, 2014

E3 2014: Metroid, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars in the Works

During some of the round table events at E3, Nintendo has revealed that new games for some of their most beloved franchises are in the works.

Hitoshi Yamagami, producer at Intelligent Systems (the company behind Advance Wars and Fire Emblem) said the following:

"We are always thinking about the next iteration of Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. We can't reveal any of those details tonight, but when the time is right we will."

Yamagami also confirmed that the crossover title Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is "right on schedule". The game's future was is doubt when Sega purchased Atlus (the company behind Shin Megami Tensei) earlier this year.

Later, Shinya Takahashi, Director of Nintendo Software Planning and Development, revealed that both 2D and 3D Metroid games are in the works.

"So it has been a while since we released the last [Metroid] and we're having discussions internally about what we can do next. So at this point we have two different types of Metroid games. We have the Prime style of Metroid game and we have the more traditional style of Metroid game. We feel that we do need to take care of both of these styles of play. And the hope is that at some point in the near future we'll be able to share something about them."

Great news! All we need now is confirmation that a new F-Zero is being created.

Here's my prediction: later this year, Nintendo will broadcast a Nintendo Direct in which a new F-Zero is announced. At the end of the presentation, Captain Falcon will be confirmed for the new Super Smash Bros. You heard it here first.

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Rachel said...

This is exciting!! A new F-Zero would be so awesome! I'm stumped as to why they haven't made a new one.