Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 Bingo 2014

This week is E3, the biggest week in gaming! As is tradition, I have created a Bingo card to use during the various presentations. So what's on the board this year?

As you can see, the topics are varied, as usual. Some are specific, some... not so much. Regardless, these are the things that I either think will be there, or the things I want to be there. F-Zero is on the list every year, and I have yet to mark the box, which is stupid. Come on, Nintendo! Don't let me down this time!

Remember, each Bingo line means every reader has to give me $10 in Nintendo eShop credit. By reading this blog, you automatically agree to these terms. It's probably a legally binding agreement. I should know. I checked. Online.

Either way, this year's E3 should be spectacular! Tune in to Nintendo's E3 website at 9am PT tomorrow for the big event! Don't forget to print a Bingo card! (right-click on the image and open it in a new tab/window for a larger view)

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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome! I agree wholeheartedly :D