Friday, May 7, 2010

Flash Game Friday!

It’s back!  Your favorite time of day when you can go to your favorite blog and play some stupid game!  It’s almost the weekend, so why the crap not, right?!

This week, we have the adorable game Sushi Cat.  There’s this kitty, see, and he wants to get all fat and stuff.  So, you drop him down a sort of Plinko-style board and get as many pieces of sushi as you can!  So silly, but so cool!  Go here to play the game!

Btw, if anyone out there has found a fun Flash game that could be included on the site, let me know!  Enjoy!


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1 comment:

Rachel said...

That game is so cool! Sushi, yummm!! Hehe, we should go on a date and get some sushi sometime :) I love you, Ben!! Xoxox