Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nintendo News: May 05, 2010

So apparently, everyone’s favorite oddball little brother Luigi will be playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2.  You could play as Luigi in the first one, but not until you beat the game as Mario.  This time, you can switch between Mario and Luigi on certain levels, and he can use all of the same powers that Mario can.  It’s not quite co-op, but still pretty cool.  That guy’s got mad hops. [via Kotaku]

The newest entry in the Metroid series, Other M, has been delayed and will hit stores on about August 31st.  The game is closer to the original 2D-style Metroid games, and is played primarily by holding the Wii remote sideways.  There are also some first-person sections thrown in.  The game has been promised to delve deeper in Samus’ largely unknown story.  And for all you timeline buffs, the game takes place between Super Metroid (SNES) and Metroid Fusion (GBA).

Namco has announced that the next big Pac-Man evolution will be unveiled at E3 in June.  This will coincide with the pellet-eating orb’s 30th anniversary.  Expect announcements for games on every console and game-esque device on the planet. [via Joystiq]


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Rachel said...

PAC-MAN!!!! Saweeeet! :D I like Pac-man. Such a fun game. Will it be like the game that you got me? Or more like the retro kind? Oh, how fun :) It's cool about the Mario Galaxy. Sounds like an awesome game. They should have made it two playet like the New Super Mario Bros. That would be cool! I can just be the little helper guy though. Can't you be a little star man? The new metroid game sounds cool. I'll definitely have fun watching you play it :) Love you!