Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Games for May

It’s official: this year is gonna be awesome.  This month sees the release of some fantastic new must-play games.  Let’s get to it!

Nintendo's flagship franchise is making a return on the Wii!  Super Mario Galaxy 2 is releasing on May 23rd!  It's the sequel to the incredible Mario Galaxy.  For those unfamiliar (and I pity you), it's a 3-D game in the style of Mario 64, but you're in space!  Each planet has different gravity, enemies, and obstacles.  It's an enormously varied environment, full of surprises and twists and of course, fun.  Don't forget all of Mario's new powers (drill, cloud, etc).  Plus, this time Mario's faithful dinosaur friend Yoshi makes an appearance.  Can't wait!

Trauma Team is the next release in the hit Trauma Center series.  Play as a doctor and help save lives from all kinds of problems and diseases, both natural and man-made.  This game adds a new twist by letting you play as 6 different specialists, including diagnosis, surgery, and forensics.  It's all the trauma center fun with a bunch of new and cool abilities!  Look for it around May 18th.

Also releasing this month are a few movie based games, such as Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.  Don't hold your breath on Iron Man, but Prince of Persia might be ok.  They've been pretty good in the past.

Well, that's all the good ones.  Stay tuned for more news on upcoming games, especially with E3 coming next month!


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Rachel said...

Oh sweet! I can't wait for the Mario Galaxy 2 game! It's going to be awesome! Fun, fun stuff :) Love you Ben!