Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Fun!

super scribblenauts So, I recently reported on a rumor that the next Scribblenauts would be called Super Scribblenauts.  And while the game is not making the jump to 16-bit graphics, it turns out that rumor was true!

What does this mean for us gamers?  The game’s main new feature is the ability to combine adjectives and nouns (whereas before you only had nouns).  In the first Scribblenauts game, you could create zombies and elephants and everything in between.  In the new one, you’ll be able to make rabid, stinky plumbers, or green, fluffy, chocolate poodles.

That is all well and good, but the main problem with the first one was the controls.  The publisher has promised “upgraded controls”, but we have yet to see for sure what that means.  D-Pad controls, I hope!


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Rachel said...

Yes, I'm hopeing for better controls too, gag were they not good. Always running into mines and spikes and stuff. But it was still a fun game :) Hopefully the new one will be even amazing-er. Great job guessing the new title, you are so good! Love you! :)