Thursday, May 13, 2010

3DS Speculation

So, here’s the deal: The Nintendo 3DS is little more than a name at this point.  We probably won’t know anything more until E3 (which is still a month away).  But that doesn’t mean we can’t guess what kick-awesome features and games the thing will have.

One of the coolest it could have is Virtual Console support.  The system will have Gamecube-level graphics, so why not have access to all the cool retro (NES, SNES, etc) games that the Wii has.  And while we’re at it, why not add Virtual Boy games to the mix?  Sure, there were only 14, but they were pretty fun.  If nothing else, I could see Nintendo releasing a new Mario Clash specially made for the system.  Heck, you could do Gameboy games, too.  It could work.

Nintendo has stated that on the 3DS, the distance between the two screens will be negligible.  One rumor about the system is that it will have Netflix support.  A recent survey went around to various people asking if they would use the service if it were available on a portable system.  Obviously, it would only work with the Instant Streaming feature of Netflix, and yes, they need a lot more content to make it worthwhile, but I can just imagine how cool that would be.  Your 3DS would become a big, foldable TV.  Sounds fun to me.

I know this next one is a lot to ask for, but man, would it be awesome.  As previously mentioned, the system will have GCN-level graphics.  So why not use GCN-size discs?  With backwards-compatibility!  How awesome would that be?  One news item said it would be compatible will all Nintendo DS games.  If that’s true, it would mean the 3DS is compatible with the GBA as well, since Guitar Hero On Tour (and its brethren) requires the GBA slot to work.  Don’t count on it happening, (a different news blurb said it would play most DS games), but I would probably pee my pants on the spot if Nintendo revealed that the 3DS could play GCN, GBA, and DS games.  Think about that: Kirby Air Ride, Kirby Squeak Squad, and Kirby Canvas Curse without changing discs or cartridges!

As far as specific games, I think F-Zero would be a perfect fit.  I can imagine how awesome it could be for the futuristic backgrounds flying past you in 3D.  Starfox could also work well.  Pikmin, anyone?  As I said before, Mario Clash would be perfect.  Or how about this: new Smash Bros.  Why not?  It’s one of the best series of all time.  Online play, local multiplayer, and new brawlers.  But I’m sticking with my prediction from the other day: they’ll call it the Nintendo Egg, and it will come with a new Yoshi game.  Maybe he’ll spit enemies at the screen or something.  Could be fun.  Heck, maybe it’s even shaped like an egg.  I dunno.

So, it’s late and I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  But if you think of something cool the 3DS could do, leave a comment!  After all, you just know that Nintendo reads this blog for ideas!


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Rachel said...

Wow, all those things would be awesome! I don't even know what else they could put to make it more amazing than what you described. You should work for Nintendo and give them ideas because you have the best ones! :) Love you!