Friday, May 14, 2010

Free Game!

For those of who refuse to do or buy anything that threatens to even slightly lighten your wallet (I’m lookin’ at you, Harlo), Valve has something for you!

PortalBetween now and May 24th, you can download Portal for free through Steam.  Steam is a free PC-Game management program with some really great deals.  Like this one!  All you have to do is download Steam, and then get Portal for free.

Portal is an interesting, but extremely fun game.  You are the subject of a science experiment with a Portal gun.  The gun can make blue or orange portals.  You put one of each on a wall, then walk in one and come out the other.  You really have to play it to see how cool it is.  The portal idea makes for some fantastic puzzles.  The game is also downright hilarious.  Even if it weren’t free, I would highly recommend it.

So there you go!  Go get a free game!  Unless that’s not cheap enough for you…


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Rachel said...

The cake is a lie!! ;) Hehe, that game was a pretty crazy one. Thanks for researching putting such awesome things on your blog. You are the best! xo