Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Big Numbers

Nintendo has revealed the 30 top-selling games for 2010 thus far.  Let’s have a peek!


As you can (probably) see, 14 of the 30 games here are for Nintendo systems.  Also, Mario Kart DS is still on top selling list, where it has been pretty much every month since it was released almost five years ago!  Also note that Pokemon SoulSilver is notably more popular than HeartGold (maybe cause boys don’t want a game with Heart in the name).

Of the non-Nintendo games, 9 are for the PS3 and 7 are for the 360.  And of those 16, the vast majority are First Person Shooters.  I guess they aren’t doing much to combat those stereotypes.


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Rachel said...

Wow, way to go Nintendo. Hope they continue making amazing games! :) Wuv yoo, Ben!