Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 D's for Nintendo!

According to website Siliconera, Nintendo recently filed some trademarks in Japan for 3DS, N3DS, 3DSWare, and 3DSPlay.  True, it's not surprising.  Actually, it's a little surprising.

First of all, Nintendo led us to believe that 3DS was not the system's official title.  But if that's true, why did they trademark the name?  I suppose it's possible that they trademarked it so that no one else could use it for another product, to avoid confusion, of course.

The 3DSPlay name is interesting.  Wii Play was fun, plus it was a great deal, since it offered a free Wii Remote with the game (or you could almost say the remote came with a free game).  How would that would on the 3DS?  Free stylus?  There was a Nintendo patent revealed a few months ago that was for a stylus that vibrated when certain things happened on screen.  Maybe that?

In any case, it's something intesting to think about.  Especially N3DS.  If that's the official abbreviation, I'm totally gonna call it the Neds.  The DS can be called D's (like deez), the DSi is deezy, so the 3DS (if that's its real name) would certainly be Neds.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go think of some fun games I can play on my Neds.



Rachel said...

Hehehehe, Neds, that's awesome! Hehehe :) Can't wait to get you one! :) Love you!

Devin said...

When I told my wife about the Neds, she said, "What the heck are you talking about?" I think the idea is genius!