Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yet Even More Bigger Numbers

Here’s a pie chart representing total video game sales in the US in 2009.

2009 sales USA

According to a report from NewZoo [PDF], US gamers spent $25.29 billion on video games last year.

Consoles represents all video game consoles, including portables (DS and PSP).  Game Portals are things like FarmVille that are found on social networking sites and the like.  MMOs include World of Warcraft and other games and services for playing with massive amounts of people.  Mobile are games played on cell phones.

The report also mentions that these numbers include 183 million people, which is more than half of the US population.  Considering it accounts for pretty much every type of game there is, I’m surprised it’s not higher.


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Rachel said...

Cool :) Lotsa people with games and consoles. Thanks for the info babe, you are great! :)